We deserve a better childcare deal. Ontario families need childcare.
Right now, it's at risk.

Demand changes to Ontario’s Childcare Deal for Ontario’s Childcare Centres today. We need a deal that works for both families and childcare operators.

The province has the money to help families right now. They should do it immediately, directly, while at the same time continuing to work with centres on a clear deal for a sustainable childcare future.

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The Issue.

Right now, Childcare Centre operators have more questions than answers about the childcare deal settled by the federal and provincial government in March. No centre should be expected to opt in to a contract that puts their childcare spaces at risk.

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These operators have until November 1st to opt in to a program that fails to outline how it will impact childcare centres. This is a timeline created by the government – before they are ready to reveal full details.

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If they opt in, they risk closing due to a lack of funding, worsening the current childcare crisis. If they opt out, Ontario families will be without affordable childcare options – which no one wants.

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Teacher and students sitting around a table in a childcare centreWoman looking visibly distraughtEmpty playground

More information

Childcare centres have been put in an impossible situation. They understand and support the need for more affordable childcare. However, the funding the government has promised has no clear route to their centres.

Under the current deal, their childcare centre may be forced to close their doors. It's quite a gamble, and there’s a deadline for deciding, November 1, 2022.

In March 2022, the Ontario government promised $12.3 billion in funding for child care across the province.  

Since, the provincial government has handed over the work to the municipalities. The municipalities are tasked with creating regulations, planning, executing, and communicating the funding.

This is creating a multi-tier system leading to inequity across Ontario.  Every family in Ontario should have the same access to licensed childcare no matter where they live. This is why funding should come from the province,  not through local childcare system managers.

Childcare operators across the province see the potential impact, restrictions and additional bureaucracy that has been put in place in the provincial guidelines. Most worrisome is the legitimate concern that childcare centres will not receive enough funds to stay open and provide quality care.

If Ontario loses child care centres, parents will have nowhere to turn - there is already a waitlist crisis.  Parents need safe spaces to send their children while they work to support their families.

You can help them,
before it’s too late.

We need your help to get us at the table with the Ontario government.

Add your voice to a call to support childcare centres.

Childcare deserves better. Families deserve better. We need a better childcare deal.